Custom Services

 Chemically Defined Medium Manufacturing Services

 〜 We will offer custom-made or home-made chemically defined medium (serum-free medium) in liquid or powder form.

 Basal / Classical Medium Manufacturing Services

 〜 We will offer custom-made medium (DMEM, RPMI1640, etc.) that added or removed components, change or specify a concentrarion.
 Media Supplement Solution Manufacturing Services

 〜 Amino acids, nucleic acids, vitamins, or lipid mixtures, the solution that is not commecially available or published in the literature, or custom-made additive.

 Buffer / Solution Manufacturing Services

 〜 PBS(-), HEPES, Tris, or phosphate buffer, enzyme reaction solution, preparation solution published in the literature, or custom-made solution with the needs of our customers.
 R&D Services for Cell Performance Inprovement 

 〜 It is a research and development service that improves the function of your cells by serum-free culture.

 Contract Services of Cell Culture / Quality Inspection

 〜 We will offer the contract services of cell culture works, such as the collection of cell pellets and cultured media, or simple quality inspections (endotoxin test, mycoplasma, or osmotic pressure).
This service is for research use only. Please do not use for human and animal diagnosis, treatment, other conditions. Please note, dangerous goods, infectious diseases and other harmful samples can not be accepted. 

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