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293 Chemically Defined Media

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Adherent Culture (Expression & Production)
HE100 medium (CD medium), liquid or powder
For 293 cells "Expi293F, 293-F, HEK293, 293T, etc."

293 chemically defined serum free medium

   HE100 medium is a chemically defined medium / serum-free medium optimized for the adherent growth of human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells, such as Expi293F, 293-F, HEK293, or 293T cells. The medium contains no proteins, hydrolysates, or components of animal and plant composition. All components have a known chemical structure.
   HE100 medium has the advantages of lot-to-lot consistency and the ease of downstream purification after expression of recombinant proteins. The medium supports small- and large-scale protein expression in stably or transiently transfected 293 cells.


Figure) Growth assay of 293 cells with HE100 medium on adherent culture.

Human 293 cells were cultured with 12-well plate under the following conditions.
These  cells were adaptated with GMEP CD medium.
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(1) Seeding cell density:1 x 10e5 cells/mL.
(2) Static culture:37℃, 8% CO2.
(3) Culture volume:2 mL with L-alanyl-L-glutamine.

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